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Stringing the Guitar Part 2

Pull string carefully up the headstock and thread the end thru the hole or slot in the post.You'll want to leave enough slack so that the string winds around this post at least three to six times depending on the gauge (more for unwound strings).I like to make sure the entire surface area of the post is exactly covered without overlapping. (this will take practice and remember not to bend or crimp the string where the middle will be) Make a right angle bend in the string where it exits the hole and wind the string in the correct direction (towards the center of the headstock...or just look at somebody else's guitar to figure this one out). With slotted posts, make a bend in the string as shown (Ex.1) and hold on tightly.

example 1 example 2 example 3 example 4

With unwound strings, you can optionally loop it back underneath the string and up against the post, wrapping it against itself (Ex. 2). With wound strings, you can make the first wrap over the string as it comes through the post and then wrap the rest under (Ex. 3,4). In all cases though, you'll want to make sure the windings go downward, tightly and neatly. Avoid wrapping strings over themselves multiple times or using so little string that there's nothing to grip with. Here is another foolproof method of "locking" the string.