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Electric Choices

Epiphone SG G310

epiphone guitar

These image GIBSON ELECTRIC SG copies are reasonably good guitars, fitted with cheaper hardware to keep prices down. The result is a decent beginner guitar, that can be upgraded with better hardware over time. Although list price is somewhere in the range of $475, this guitar can often be found for under $300.

Squire Standard Stratocaster

stratocaster guitar

Again, these aren't WONDERFUL guitars, but considering the beginner-friendly price, they're fine. They tend to have sub-par electronics, but these can be upgraded over time. And, if you ever want to sell, these stratocaster FENDER ELECTRIC GUITARS should have a good re-sale value. You can often find these guitars new for around $200 USD. Word on the street is, if you can find a used, American-made model, grab it up.